‘Confabulated Landscapes’ is a series of distorted landscapes from my childhood. A lot of my happy memories as a child were spent outside on long walks in nature. Whenever I tried to recall the visuals of the different landscapes in my mind, the landscapes merged into one and I struggle to separate the details. I wanted to create artwork that reflected this sense of nostalgic confusion that I experience.
Using a Mamiya rangefinder, I shot at a selection of the places of nature that as a family we would visit around West Sussex and Kent; the Pinetum at Bedbury, Leechpool Woods, Buchan Park, and Devils Dyke are some of the few to mention. When revisiting these locations, I experienced a strong sense of familiarity despite that the landscape most probably had been altered since my last visit. I experimented with a lot of digital editing techniques in line with my usual approach to combining mediums, to result in these final images, that exist somewhere between the real and the imaginary.

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