Anxiety that something bad will happen. Climate change and environmental impact became the focus of my work because of how uncomfortable I feel about the environmental impact and destruction caused by the Human Anthropocene.
Apprehensions is a series of photographic artwork that signifies my anxieties and uncertainties about the future due to human infliction. In both the analogue and digital working space, I created uncomfortable textures using discarded packaging remnants, not only to represent how I feel about climate change but to represent the fragility of the planet’s future.
Using Photoshop, I created further textures that were inspired by patterns found in; coral, scratchy branches, and creases in plastic bags. I wanted the textures to relate to their corresponding circle. The circle is widely symbolic, it can represent the circle of life, eternity or act as a cosmic metaphor. As influenced by Garry Fabian Miller, I used a circle to frame my image. In this work, the circle represents the planet and universal. The issue presented is a universal problem, issues that will have global wide consequences. As a photographer it is representative of the camera lens, I invite the audience to look through the lens to see the issue that I have focused on. To then share my perspective and hopefully begin to share similar apprehensions themselves.

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